Dreamoc™ // 3D display


In today's highly competitive retail market top end brands and exclusive stores need exciting new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The Dreamoc, from RealFiction, is a unique 3D display unit that conveys compelling product messages that consumers just can´t ignore.

Dreamoc provides a dazzling combination of holographic-like, free floating video images, with a display of the physical product. The video can be fully customized to fit your branding and colour.

Make your product stand out from the crowd with the powerful and eye-catching Dreamoc display.


    Visually stunning product display - Generates positive attention -  Combines free-floating 3D elements and physical products -  Superior exposure and branding - High reliability and long lifetime - High brightness LED for product exposure.


Dreamoc technical specs:


L = 515 mm
D = 410 mm
H = 1620 mm
Weight: 38 kg

Video: 1680x1050 resolution

Power: 220-240V AC, 50Hz.
Energy consumption: 60W


DreamocXL™ // Big 3D display


DreamocXL is a powerful way to showcase your product. It is a mixed-reality display designed to present products or artifacts in combination with free floating holographic video elements. Due to it's stunning visual effect, it quickly becomes center of attention in any retail shop or exhibition, creating that all important foot traffic and brand awareness. The DreamocXL's unique ability to show a real product inside a virtual space filled with value adding and brand amplifying visuals, makes it a very effective communication tool.

The DreamocXL features a Full HD display and has built-in speakers. It can be integrated into existing or new customized furniture, or you can choose the optional DreamocXL stand. As a standard DreamocXL can be connected to the internet, making content updating a breeze. Interactivity can be added easily via Iphones, Ipads, touch-screens, motion sensors and more.


Dreamoc XL technical specs:


L = 1142 mm
D = 776 mm
H = 620 mm
Weight: 75 kg

Video: 1920x1080 resolution
Sound: 2 x 10 W stereo

Power: 220-240V AC, 50Hz.
Energy consumption: 245W