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We have the following CO2 Jets available for hire;

CO2 Jets HireCO2 Jets Hire



CO2 Jet from MAGICFX®

The famous MAGICFX CO2 Jets create cryogenic fog plumes of approximately 8m. high. The effect is very reliable and repeatable because of its high quality and reliable valve. The CO2 Jets can be mounted in truss constructions or placed on stages. The CO2 Jets must be used with liquid CO2 tanks. When the CO2 comes out of the Jets there will be a loud sizzling sound which make the effect even more spectacular! Tanks can be purchased or rented separately. The new CO2 Jets are equipped with a 230V IEC in-out connector to control them seperately or linked in one line. Controllable by DMX if connected to a DMX switch pack.

Size : 13x8x13cm - pipe: 20.5cm - base plate: 20x 12.5 cm
Weight : 2.6 kg
Voltage : 230 V
Power : 20 W
Service : 230V on/off or DMX
Consumption/Capacity : Liquid CO2 gas
Output : up to 8 m


CO2 Dominator from MAGICFX®
The new CO2 Dominator is the big brother of the popular MAGICFX® CO2 Jet. The Dominator is a DMX controllable 5-way CO2 machine which offers endless possibilities in CO2 effects. The Dominator has DMX on board and is equipped with 2 red LED's on the backside to warn everyone on stage. With the new CO2 Dominator you can design and create CO2 effects which has never been shown before. For example; create a fan shape; create a star; create cryogenic fog plumes which dance on the music; connect lights to project coloured CO2... or create one massive CO2 TORNADO! The CO2 Dominator, for the most extreme CO2 effects you have ever seen!



Size : 35x35x15 cm
Weight : 18 kg
Voltage : 230 V
Power : 125 W
Service : DMX
Consumption/Capacity : Liquid CO2 - 4 bottles
Output : up to 20 m