FOGSCREEN specifications

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FogScreen Rental

0.8m Fogscreen Hire: eZ Fogscreen The eZ Fogscreen is perfect for smaller venues and is designed to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. A great effect to use over single doorways, corridors or DJ booths.

Daily Hire: £1,000.00

Weekly Hire: contact us


Linkable 1m Fogscreen Pro

Create almost any width Fogscreen with the flexible Fogscreen Pro model. These units link together 'seamlessly' to create stunning, high impact entrances.

Daily Hire: £3,000.00 (based on 3 x 1m Pro)

Weekly Hire: contact us

FogScreen Rental

2m Fogscreen Hire: eMotion Fogscreen The eMotion Fogsceen is great for double door entrances . We've installed for countless conferences, reveals and even live televised entrances for Sky Sports and X-Factor.

Daily Hire: £1,500.00

Weekly Hire: contact us


Fogscreen Technical Information

eZ Fogscreen (0.8m)

eMotion Fogscreen (2m)

Linkable Pro Fogscreen (1m+)

Pro & eMotion Brochure

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eMotion Fogscreen


Interactive screen




"Fogscreen walk through technology, the worlds first walk through projection screen."

The company that changed projection technology forever – no more fixed screens. Instead, our breakthrough product, the FogScreen® projection screen, produces a thin curtain of “dry” fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air. The result: stunning, attention-demanding displays - which is why FogScreen projection screen is used so often at product launches, trade shows, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, casinos and other venues.

It’s as simple as it is stunning. With the use of ordinary tap water and digital technology, FogScreen projection screen enables projected images to literally float in the air, creating a brand new medium to captivate and fascinate audiences. You can walk right through a FogScreen projection screen without getting wet. The microscopic fog droplets actually feel dry to the touch, just like air.

The highly innovative yet simple-to-use product has been utilized to enhance product launches, trade shows, live entertainment, nightclubs, museums, theme parks and even private parties. FogScreen has won numerous honors, including the Business 2.0 Bottom Line Design Award and Best Special Effect by the Club World Awards.

Cancellation Policy
When you reserve equipment by paying deposit or raising a purchase order we may have to advise other customers that equipment is unavailable for hire as we have it reserved for you. If you should then cancel your reservation we may lose business. Therefore hire fees are due under the following circumstances.

Cancellation 48 Hours or less - Full Payment due

Cancellation 2-10 days notice - 50% of Payment due

Cancellation 10-14 days notice - 25% of Payment due

Full legal hire Terms and Conditions are available upon request.